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    About us. SPLATAbout us. SPLAT

    About us

    SPLAT is the leading Russian developer and producer of innovative, professional oral care products.

    Our in-house scientific laboratory and R&D Centre work on pushing the envelope of our unique compounds. At present, SPLAT holds more than 10 Russian and international patents.

    The effectiveness of all our products has been proven during extensive tests in Russia, Japan and EU countries.

    SPLAT is a family-owned and operated company, which in just 13 years has gone from an idea to being the leading, Russian oral care company with better than 13% of the Russian market to its name. SPLAT’s successes are not confined to Russia – the company currently exports its products to more than 28 countries around the world.

    The SPLAT team consists of 700 bold, outstanding and open people who truly believe that it is possible to change the world for the better and who work to ensure that someone in the world is smiling every second.

    Our values:

    • To be real, open and honest
      To be real, open and honest

      All of SPLAT’s products and ideas help people to be healthy, self-confident, communicative and to enjoy life. Naturalness in everything is our vital position.

    • To be innovative and creative
      To be innovative and creative

      The creation of amazing products unlike anything else is our favourite task. We achieve innovations. We are the first to implement discoveries of world importance. We offer new, more convenient and easy ways to use familiar product. Each product that we develop is also a bearer of information aimed at human development, providing knowledge and assisting daily life. Most of the innovative solutions we created are protected by patents.

    • Be persistant and results-oriented
      Be persistant and results-oriented

      We produce beauty and health products which are made from only the best ingredients coming from the world’s leading manufacturers. In the Company’s quality control system all materials, packaging and the product itself are subjected to quality control at various stages so as to ensure that the resources of SPLAT bring satisfaction and guaranteed results!

    • Be the best in everything
      Be the best in everything

      Success is a specific result. Being successful is a matter of character. A man gets used to being successful and each time he sets a high personal bar for new ventures. We are pleased to work together with successful people!

    • To grow, to improve oneself and to open up to new things
      To grow, to improve oneself and to open up to new things

      It is important for us to do something new each day, to spot something unusual even in what is familiar, to constantly learn and improve our capabilities. We support and stimulate the striving of our employees to grow and we make world-level experience and knowledge accessible to them.

    • To be optimistic and to believe in love
      To be optimistic and to believe in love

      We are a team of young professionals. We share optimism and a desire to change the world for the better. We believe in love; we value naturalness and we try to take joy in every day.

    • To be self-confident and to enjoy life
      To be self-confident and to enjoy life

      We think it is important to have an active position in life. Therefore those working in our team have a glint in their eyes; they are sincere and always ready to help. Working together we do something important and necessary – we are creating the future.

    • To love one’s work
      To love one’s work

      Many of us spend a significant part of our time at work in the office and in the factory. Therefore, we strive to maintain within our group relations which are warm and open, trusting and sincere. This is to promote not competition but joint creativity. We highly value these relations and defend them. We think it is very important for new specialists who join our team to have not only experience and professionalism but also to share our values, for them to complement us organically so that we can improve the world together!

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