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    The Company’s own Scientific Centre works on developing innovative formulations for SPLAT products together with leading specialists in the given field. The uniqueness of our developments is protected by Russian and foreign certificates and patents.

    SPLAT products are made from the best ingredients from the world’s leading manufacturers and they are produced in our ultra-modern eco-factory – Organic Pharmaceuticals – and in the modern factories of our European and Japanese partners.

    The Company’s Quality Control system and its production are certified for conformity with the GMP Cosmetics (ISO 22716), ISO 9001.

    Environmental responsibility is part of the Company’s philosophy.

    The system of environmental management of the SPLAT production lines has been certified to be in conformity with ISO 14001.

    For more than 5 years, we have maintained a CO2 - neutral production programme and together with our partners every year we plant several hectares of trees around the world.

    SPLAT production is located in the ecologically pure region of Valdai. We are conscious of our responsibility to nature and do everything possible to minimise our environmental footprint.

    SPLAT products have been certified to be in conformity with the EU Cosmetics Directive. Their high clinical effectiveness has been confirmed by a complex of investigations by leading scientific institutes of Russia, EU countries and Japan.

    Our Quality Control system and the certification of our products provide the necessary base for registration on the international market in accordance with the requirements of national legislative norms.

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